We don't want a religious ceremony. Is that okay?

Absolutely. We perform both religious and secular ceremonies. 

Why do we need a marriage officiant? Can't we just get married at the courthouse?

So many people come to Savannah to get married, it has made courthouse weddings a thing of the past. You need to go to the Chatham County Courthouse to get your marriage license, but then you need an officiant to conduct your marriage. If you are eloping to Savannah, you probably do not have a local church affiliation. That's where the officiants at Simple Savannah Elopement come in!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we go about booking an elopement?

To get started, call us at 912.349.6083, email us at info@savannahsimpleelopement.com, or use our Contact. or Book Now! page. A non-refundable deposit for 1/2 the cost of the package is due at the time of the booking. The balance must be paid no later than two weeks before the ceremony is performed.

Why can't we have the harp at the beach or the cemetery?

The harp needs to be on a paved surface. It does not get along well with sand, dirt, and grass.

Do we have to get our marriage license at the Chatham County Courthouse?

If you live in the state of Georgia, you may obtain your marriage license in your home county. Just be sure to bring it with you, because you cannot get married without it!

If you are coming to Savannah from outside the state of Georgia, you need to obtain your marriage license at the Chatham County Courthouse.

Can we choose our officiant?

We have male and female officiants, all ordained ministers. If you have a preference, we are happy to honor it, subject to availability.

We're planning a venue wedding in Savannah and need an officiant. Can you provide one?

If you have booked a hall and made all the arrangements, we are happy to provide an officiant for $150, plus a $50 travel fee depending on location.

Can we invite guests?

You get five guests as part of the package. More than five guests incurs an additional cost of $20 per guest. The number of additional guests must be agreed upon at the time of the booking. If more than the agreed upon number of guests are brought, you will be billed for the additional guests.

No guests may be brought to Simple Signing events.

We have a question that is not addressed here.

We're happy to answer all your questions. You can email us at info@savannahsimpleelopement.com or use our Contact. page. You can also call us at 912.349.6083.